My love for design was birthed from years of training in visual and the performing arts.  This formal training led me to the choral music classroom where I worked to create “beautiful things” but became frustrated frequently because my attention to details and desire for excellence, at any cost, was often limited.

CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN is a marriage of my love for the arts, production, and people.  It began as a recital flyer for a college friend and became an ever-present force in my life when my sister enlisted me to coordinate her wedding from start to finish.

CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN is a full-service event planning, design, décor and event stationery company where excellence and efficiency are essential and everything matters.  Each “marc” begins with a blank slate—you and your vision--and is crafted to suit your style and personality.  No event is too small whether your event is a wedding, graduation celebration, retirement banquet or birthday party.

CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN is equipped to plan, execute, and design any event for you with a personal touch and your dream in mind.​


Ever since I was a little girl,  I challenged myself to never leave the store without a "pocket book" or some makeup.   I am older now.   I'm married.   I'm "grown" but my passion for fashion and beautiful things has not faded.  It has magnified with time. 

When I began to think about my wedding a few years ago, my mind was all over the place.  I had no direction; I did not know where to start except for knowing what I did NOT want and that I would appreciate something classic , elegant and timeless.   I bought all of the magazines and began to watch the familiar reality wedding shows intently.  Not until I enlisted  "Brother", CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN's founder, did I begin to focus.  With his help, I created an inspiration board and together we began to work.  Though we had directed and planned events in the past, this one was more special because it was mine.

This process, undoubtedly, sparked an interest in the event planning and design field.  After seeing the results of all of the hard work "come to life," I knew that I had to join the CHRISTOPHER MARCS DESIGN team.  I love meeting new people and having a good time while doing so.  My education in business and political science and training in the performing arts complete the package of a southern girl with a city girl's point of view. 

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